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    Samakhusi, Kathmandu, Bagmati, Nepal

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    Carpet Cleaning


CFM Nepal (Clean Facility Management Nepal) is complete cleaning solution based in Kathmandu valley with innovative ideas to maintain ISO standard in cleaning industry . CFM is a group of professionals with many years of experience internationally. Company operates cleaning procedure and cleaning management like
Quality Manangement System ISO-9001
Occupational Health and Safety Manangement System OHSAS-18001
Environmental Manangement System ISO-14001
IMS (Intergrate Manangement System)


CFM Nepal's service ranges from residential, commercial, governmental and non-governmental. Providing cleaning and maintenance service for residental homes, apartments, hospital, banks, school, collage, hostel, housing community, restaurant, café, shopping complex,clubs, swimming pool, public park, hotels, offices, Airport and foreign diplomatic organisation.


CFM Nepal is also contributing to aware public about the environmental issues. By organising environmental awarness programmes and seminars with the public participation. Contributing for the climate change and educating about hazardous chemicals, plastic, garbage disposal in the common areas. We are also creating the awarness for proper disposal of litters and keep the surrounding clean. Our social campaign and events are organized with co-ordination with governmental bodies like Kathmandu Metropolitian office and governmental security departments. Also collaborating with NGOs,INGOs, Social Clubs and other unions.


Familiar Languages: Nepali
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